Our Services Include:
  • Curb Damage
  • Rim Straightening
  • Cosmetic Repair and Polishing
  • Custom Wheel Painting/powder coating, 
  • Cracked Wheel Repair
  • Chrome Plating 
  • Bead Corrosion

Tig Welding Service:

TIG welding is the prefered method for welding aluminum alloy wheels. Most wheels are a mixture of aluminum magnesium. TIG insures a nice strong weld.

At Footworks Custom Wheels we will fix your cracked wheels using the tig welding process.

Watch the video on tig welding to your left.

Rim Straightening:

Footworks Custom Wheels repair services will fix your bent and broken alloy, mag, or wire wheels by the use of our machine straightening by our wheel technician.

  • Repair and Straightening
$125.00+ per wheel
  • Curb Rash and Straightening
$125.00+ per wheel
Cosmetic Repair and Polishing:

Footworks Custom Wheels will remove curb rash, scrapes, gouges and discoloration with our reconditioning tools, proprietary paints and clearcoat process. Polished aluminum wheels can also be brought back to new condition.

Mirror Polishing and curb rash removal
13'' to 24'' $100.00+ per wheel
Custom Wheel Painting/Powder Coating:

Footworks Custom Wheels can repaint your wheels to desired color of your choice. This procees may take up to 3 days. Different styles and custom work may take longer.

Custom Wheel Painting/Powder Coating per wheel
  • up to 17'' per wheel
  • 18'',19'',20''
  • 21'',22'',24''
  • 26''-32''
accent pieces add $25.00 per wheel.
Wheel pictured estimated cost of repair $225.00
Cracked Wheel Repair:

Cracks are fixed with the TIG process to ensure a strongerweld.Cracks are more common on chrome wheels than other finishes because chroming tends to make the metal more brittle. If a wheel is severely bent, the technician checks for cracks underneath the chrome near the base of spokes.Then heat is applied to the wheel this makes the metal conform for the desired repair.

Footworks Custom Wheels has plenty experience in this field. We include it as one of the services we offer to repair cracks and restore strength of the wheel at an affordable price.

  • Repair crack up to 6'' per wheel
  • Repair crack 6'' or greater
Chrome Plating:

We offer chrome plating services for most wheels. Please note there is usaully a two week turn around when plating a wheel..Chrome plating prices per wheel-2pc wheels add 50.00 per wheel

  • up to 15'' per wheel
$169.00+ EACH
  • 16",17",18''
$189.00+ EACH
  • 19",20'',21''
$285.00+ EACH
  • 22'',24''
$380.00+ EACH
prices subject to change without notice
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Bead Corrosion:

This is a widespread problem that affects everyone. Most people believe that they are in need of a new tire but in fact It's bead corrosion. This looks like a whitish substance forming in aluminum magnesium wheels and looks like rust in steel wheels.We offer this service to clean the beads to avoid air leaking from your wheel and tire.

Bead Corrosion price list

  • 13'' to 16'' wheels
  • 17'' to 32''
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